Was the “Afghan Girl” a Secrete Agent of “KHAD” in Pakistan?


A theory is being developed that Ms. Gula was an agent of Afghan secret agency “KHAD” who was working with Indian agency “RAW” to destabilize Pakistan.

The green-eyed Afghan lady whose photo as a youthful refugee girl was published on the front of National Geographic magazine in 1984 got a warm welcome on Wednesday from Afghanistan’s leader after she was extradited from Pakistan.

Ms. Gula was captured by the Pakistani powers two weeks prior on charges of acquiring false identity archives, a typical practice among Afghans in Pakistan, who have been subjected to roundups and discretionary captures in endeavors to drive them to come back to Afghanistan.

Long the substance of Afghanistan’s a large number of displaced people abroad, Ms. Gula, now 44 and the mother of a few kids, has turned into the most open case of what has ended up, in actuality, the constrained return of a huge number of Afghan outcasts and migrants from Pakistan, and Iran and Europe.

Ms. Sharbat Gula was warmly received by the President Hamid Karzai in Kabul who handed her over the keys of a government-provided apartment in Kabul. Kabul is encouraging the Afghans to come back to their home country. Mr. Murtazawi, a presidential spokesman said, “Afghan government had arranged for Ms. Sharbat Gula’s release from detention and return to Afghanistan”.

Ms. Gula’s popular photograph as a 12-year-old, taken in 1984 by Steve McCurry, a National Geographic Photographer, turned into a famous picture of Afghan displaced people and was broadly replicated and dispersed. After eighteen years, Mr. McCurry found and shot Ms. Gula as a grown-up, as yet living as a displaced person in Pakistan.

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