Ultimate Christmas Wonder: Thousands of lights and 400 Christmas Trees at Trafford Center

The Trafford Center begins to chip away at its stunning Christmas shows in the mid-year and it takes staff four evenings to complete. 200 workers worked hard on a mission to ­transform a giant shopping mall into a Christmas wonderland in only four nights. It’s dangerous and delicate work as they are hanging gingerly maneuvers the crystal.

Each development is precisely ascertained, practically like a military operation, to guarantee none of a great many bits of Chinese glass are crushed. This is, all things considered, the world’s biggest Christmas – crystal fixture, at 26ft high and 16ft wide. What’s more, it’s the centerpiece for the spectacular £1million beautifications decorating the Trafford Center that will welcome six million shoppers over the Christmas season.

Part of the group leading the current year’s central mission to deck out the middle is event chief Nikki Tansey, managing the venture interestingly. Quick to guarantee this Christmas period is greater and in excess of anyone’s imagination, she begins her arrangement which will involve 197 workers back in July.

“Five months might seem like a long time but we need the time to get the inspiration and to get the creative juices flowing.”

“We want it to be the biggest and best it’s ever been. I want our customers to come and get tingles and think ‘this is amazing’. And I want the kids to come and believe in the magic of Christmas.” Nikki says:

While the average UK household forks out £24 on decorations each year, the firm running the Trafford Centre is committed to spending a fortune on sprucing up its sites. It has 15 centers in the UK.

The owners expect more than a million customers to pass through the centers every day this Christmas.

CEO David Fischel said: “The magical Christmas shopping experience you’ll see at Intu Trafford Centre is something we create for customers across the UK every year.”

(Photos by Channel 5)
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