Tremendous Alien City covered up in sea near California, UFO spotters assert

[Source: The Sun]

    Google Maps “disclosure” hailed as evidence there’s something extremely strange hiding underneath the waves. Alien believers claimed a huge Atlantis-style Alien city is covered up underneath the waters of the Gulf of California. UFO believers are presently sharing pictures from Google Maps which demonstrate a progression of lines underneath the waves.

A number of people would simply reject them as a characteristic arrangement, yet the ever-excitable individuals of the Alien chasing on the web underworld have chosen there’s something substantially more energizing going on.

“This is an amazingly large alien base,” wrote Scott Waring, publisher of UFO Sightings Daily. It’s huge so there’s no wonder we hear of so many UFO sightings over Mexico.”


He said there was a change of it being an intelligent structure and called for fellow hunters to get out and do some jumping to discover precisely what was going ahead down there.

“It’s so close, so accessible that it has to be explored further”, he included.

It is also Possible that Discovery Channel, History Channel or National Geographic would fund such a mission and make an appear.

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