The winner of Innovation Award: Mercedes AMG-GT R

[by: Mercedes]

Aluminium, Magnesium, and Carbon Fiber:

Different kind of material is mixed in a smart way to make a lightweight car. The main metals are Aluminium, Magnesium, and Carbon fiber. The weight is optimized by using high-grade carbon fibers. In recognition of this intelligent combination of high-tech materials, the AMG GT-R has now won the Innovation Award at EXPERIENCE COMPOSITES 2016, a new trade fair for fiber composite materials, lightweight design and carbon fiber.


The total weight of carbon fiber torque tube is about 13.9 Kg which is 40% lighter than the Aluminium parts in the AMG GT. This recently composed lightweight auxiliary component has empowered the specialists at AMG to lessen the weight, as well as to fundamentally build the torsional firmness by 7.5 percent.

CEO of Mercedes:

CEO of Mercedes-AMG GmbH said: “We have systematically geared the entire structure of the new AMG GT-R to performance using our expertise in composite materials. Especially the use of carbon fiber, a light yet very strong material from the field of motorsport, helps to achieve the challenging goals. Carbon fiber is used as a material for such components as the front wings, the roof and the propeller shaft tube for an exceptionally torsionally stiff connection between engine and transmission.”

Deformable composite material

The lightweight outline specialists at AMG likewise picked a wise utilization of materials for the supposed wheel catch struts, which are made of a composite material. In a mishap, these parts follow the proposed crash kinematics by controlling the front wheels onto the side individuals, where they are blocked. The composite struts are around 50 percent lighter than comparable steel segments, in any case, dissimilar to carbon fiber, they are deformable.

AMG GT-R; 2016; studio; Exterior: AMG Green Hell magno, new AMG Panamericana radiator grille; Fuel consumption, combined: 11.4 l/100 km, CO2 emissions, combined: 259 g/km

[source: Mercedes Benz]
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