The best gift ideas for Christmas 2016: Merry Christmas

On Christmas 2016, it is up to you that how you want to celebrate and what gifts you want to give to your loved ones. We are presenting some great gift ideas for your considerations.

Google Home:

Google’s new “Google Home” device may be one of the most popular holiday gifts this year. Google home is an AI-Powered Google Assistant device which responses to the voice commands and answers your questions. It is connected to the network, can play music, control electrical equipment in house, schedule the meetings and a lot more. Price ranges from US$120 to US$150.

Action Camera:

An action camera is an advanced camera intended for recording activity while being submerged in it. Action cameras are rough & tough, and waterproof at the surface. This action cam can be a great gift for the male who like adventure and to record their activities. So, your friend will be very happy to receive this camera as Christmas gift. Price range is from US$ 80 to US$ 120.

Smart Watch:

Smartwatch is the hottest item of the year; either it is an Apple watch or Samsung Gear. These watches are available in many designs for both male and female. If you think you can afford, this might be the best gift for your companion. Price ranges from US$ 349 to US$ 399.

Awesome Wine Gift box:

Send a box of the ultimate collection of wines to your loved ones. Many companies offer a great collection of gift boxes with wines of your choice. The Box will be delivered to your friends and family with a special note and a bouquet of fresh flowers. Price ranges from US$ 120 to US$ 150.

 Branded Hand Bag/ Wallet:

On the occasion of this Christmas, you can make your wife feel special by presenting her a branded handbag or a wallet. A good quality trendy bag can be ALDO, STEVE MADDEN, DUNE, FOSSIL, CLAIRES, MATALAN or any other good brand. Price ranges from US$ 470 to US$ 2500.

iPhone 7 or 7 Plus:

Who doesn’t need an iPhone? Everyone loves to have it in one’s hand. It looks beautiful, stylish and a class which separates the holder from common people. So, it’s a perfect gift for the Christmas but it costs a lot. Price ranges from US$ 1400 to US$ 1700.

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