Tea maker rocks the internet in a few days


Arshad khan is an 18 years old boy who was working in a Tea Stall in Islamabad, the capital city of Pakistan, as tea-maker (chai-wala) got fame due to his blue oceanic eyes. He is a handsome young guy who got attention of people when a fashion photographer named Javaria Ali, passing by, stopped to have a cup of tea and she took a stylish photo of him and shared it on social media.


Soon after that young boys and girls started thronging his tea stall to take selfies with him and shared on social media. He thought he had done something strange or wrong. He hides himself and quit his job until his relatives and friends told him that he is, in fact, a famous personality now.


He is such a lucky guy that only a photo made him so much popular. Now, he is not a Tea-Maker anymore, he is a fashion model.

He said “it’s all due to the prayers of my mother “. He also said “I knew I am handsome but also knew I am a poor guy and poverty would never let me be at top. I need money for my family and I want to help those children by establishing free schools, who cannot afford education expenses”.


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