Science Reveals Dinosaurs are Coming back

250 million years ago, there was a creature called “Dinosaur”. Before moving towards, remove this misconception about the sizes of dinosaurs. Every dinosaur was not bigger in sizes. They came in all shapes and sizes. Around 175 million years, they lead the Earth and become largest land animals of all time. On the other hand, about 65 million years ago, this creature (Dinosaurs) ended. There were many reasons for END OF DINOSAURS. For example, environment change, Shortage of food and much more. Whatever the reasons were, now it hears that Science reveals Dinosaur Coming again.

Is it really true?

There are many discussions on the Dinosaur Coming again among Scientists. There are many theories about the Dinosaurs coming again. For example, Some scientists say Dinosaur Coming Again, due to the advances in cloning and few say due to DNA extraction. On the other hand, a few months ago in the North America, a tooth from rocks found by Scientists. After a long discussion and searches, they said, the tooth is 65-70 million years ago. In addition, the tooth is similar to the creature “Triceratops“. Moreover, Andrew Farke (a paleontologist) said, “The shape of this tooth, with its distinctive split root, is absolutely unique among dinosaurs,”.

About 1-2 years ago, Scientists have discovered a lot of information about large dinosaurs, for example, Tyrannosaurus and Triceratops on the fossils. Fossils are small, with a ton of information. In the long run, We may reach a conclusion that, Science Reveals Dinosaur Coming Again is true. Here is the first occurrence of Dinosaur coming again:

“Birds are living Dinosaur, but they don’t look like Dinosaurs”

Madsen Pirie, a researcher said: “Dinosaurs will be recreated by back-breeding from flightless birds. Dinosaur coming again in the form of new species, new shape, and sizes. Many Dinosaurs (Triceratops and others) parts found in fossils.

The Finding of 200 million old dinosaurs.

One year ago, According to News, a 200-million-year-old dinosaur found in Wales. This one is classified as a new species. These species reveal Dinosaur coming again. In addition to this, There is a discovery of DNA relics in the wings and mandible of chickens. Biologist believes in bringing Dinosaurs bring back to life using Humble Chicken. On the other hand, Scientists are also researchers on Dinosaur Coming Again using a bird DNA.

Dr. Alison Woollard says it is possible to recreate any species using a DNA. Even, Science reveals Dinosaur coming again using a DNA of Bird. We all know that:

Birds: The successor of Dinosaurs?

There is a strategy that Science can use to bring back Dinosaurs again. They can switches the genes back and use genes in the development of Bird’s offspring. Moreover, All the animals and plants are interconnected. In addition, they share a common predecessor that lived about 1.6 billion years ago.

What do you think, When you hear a word “Dinosaurs Coming again”? Let us know in the Comment Section!


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