Revelation of new features of iPhone 8


In 2017, the new iphone may be called iPhone 8, rumours are there. The new handset will be having a major change in design, Specially the display. The sources says, a lot of evidances are there that Apple would remove the “Home” button. It will be somewhere else. But its not clear that what kind of new design would be.

it rumoured that display would be a full sized pannel and home button would be under the diplay screen. Such technology is in development and already patent.

Top of the frame is complex. It contains light sensors, speakers, proximity sensor and the front facing camera. If Apple removes all these thing, it would have to add all features into display and to reduce the size, some componants have to be removed.

Another patent found by Apple Insider uncovers that Apple is in reality hoping to migrate the front-confronting sensors to underneath the display. Titled electronic devices with display-integrated light sensors, US patent no. 9,466,653 clarifies the innovation that would help Apple fuse the light sensor into the screen without influencing the usefulness of either the touchscreen or the sensor itself.

“In a typical device, a light sensor is laterally displaced from an active display region of the display along a front face of the device,” Apple writes. “Additional space is therefore provided in common devices at the top, bottom, or side of the active display area to accommodate the light sensor. This can result in an undesirable increase in the size and weight of the device, if care is not taken, displays may be bulky or may be surrounded by overly large borders.”

It continues, “It would therefore be desirable to be able to provide improved electronic devices with light sensors and displays.”
The inventions would cover any device that contains sensors in the bezel, including the iPhone, iPad and Mac. Mac does not name any of them particularly, but rather representations inside the patent application indicate portable workstations and additionally telephones and tablets.




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