Quantum Dot Technology Display: Samsung’s Next Generation TV


The Quantum Dot Technology:

Advanced Quantum dot innovation conveys a billion-hued range that gives you stunning scenes loaded with colors. The SUHD TV has a pinnacle shine of 1,000 nits which is comparable to the shine of 1,000 candles. At the point when contrasted with conventional TV it brings out 10 times more detail in both the darkest shadows and the whitest mists. Ultra Black lessens reflection and glare. It is cadmium free so, it is environment-friendly. Indeed, even in brilliantly lit rooms, you see the world the way it is on the SUHD TV’s quantum dab show

Quantum Dot Color Technology:

Quantum dot displays deliver the range and precision in color to make that happen. Using tiny quantum dot particles as a light source, a billion different color combinations are created to display the most realistic images on SUHD TV 10-bit panels. This is 64 times more advanced than conventional 8-bit panel TVs.

HDR- 1000:

SUHD TV provides with its High Dynamic Range which feels like real life in the world. Delivering a peak brightness of up to 1,000 nits – hence the HDR 1000 tag – it enables us to see the best white and the best black.

Smart Hub/ One Remote:

Those days of switching between different remotes for different connected devices are not anymore. You don’t need to spent time staring at the remote trying to figure out which button does what exactly. Whether you’re observing live TV, gushing a motion picture or playing another music video on the web, the Samsung One Remote is the main thing you have to backpedal and forward.


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