New information about Mars is revealed


[ Image by: NASA]

The ultraviolet colors of the Mars have been rendered in false shading, to show what we would see with eyes.The left part of the planet in morning and the right side in evening. Mars’ volcanoes, finished with white mists, can be seen moving over the disk of the red planet. Olympus Mons, the tallest volcano, shows up as a dark region near the top point of the photo, with a little white cloud at the summit that develops amid the day.


Olympus Mons seems dull on the grounds that transcends a great part of the dim climate which makes whatever remains of the planet seem lighter. Three more volcanoes show up in a corner to corner push, with their clouds converging to traverse up to a thousand miles before the day is over. These pictures are especially interesting in light of the fact that they indicate how quickly and broadly the mists besting the volcanoes frame toward the evening. On earth, same process also occurs, with the stream of winds over mountains making mists. Evening cloud formation is a typical event in the American West, particularly in summer.



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