Lot of GUNS & GOLD: Strange marriage in India


We can see strange marriage rituals or customs all over the world. People have to follow according to their religion or social norms and customs. One example of such marriage is presented here from India.


This marriage took place in a village of south India. Both, the groom and bride’s families are from rich and elite class. Women had worn very heavy GOLD chains, necklace, rings, bangles, ear rings and platinum bracelets. Not only the men, but women also were holding guns and bullet belts. A lot of currency notes can be seen in big plates and wines were ready in ice to serve the guests after meal.



Guests were holding GUNS while even having their meal. There was no police but still no law and order situation was created. A guest said “all the villagers are like a family to each other. We never thought to harm anyone with guns and bullets. There is no thief or robber so, money and gold is safe. We all respect and protect each other”.


Even though, it’s a good thing to protect each other as they feel like a family but showing off GUNS & GOLD does not seem appropriate. It is like an atmosphere of terror and show off.




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