Jaguar launched I-Pace: A perfect Futuristic electric SUV


The future of cars is electric, spacious, sporty and beautiful. That’s what Jaguar wants us to believe at least. It has announced and launched its first fully electric car in Los Angeles and London, the Jaguar I-Pace Concept, marking a new milestone in the luxury car manufacturer’s history. It’s promising a heady mix of sports car performance and design, with SUV versatility.  Jaguar promises that not a lot will change between it and the final production I-Pace, which will hit roads in late 2018.

The firm wouldn’t be drawn on what changes will happen, yet it’s possible the inside will see alterations amongst now and it’s marked down the date. Jaguar went ahead to state that the I-Pace is the nearest idea it’s made to a generation model to date.


Fueled by a 90kWh fluid-cooled battery situated under the floor of the auto, the Jaguar I-Pace is said to have a scope of up to 500km in the US (220 miles in Europe) on a solitary charge – which isn’t awful, in spite of the fact that it doesn’t put it in front of opponent EVs (electric vehicles).


There is very good news that owners of the SUV can charge it from their own standard home electricity (DC power supply). I-Pace will be 80% charged in 90 minutes only.

A whopping 700NM of torque will drive 400 horses via two electric motors, propelling you from 0-100 km in around four seconds only which is really awe sum for an all-wheel-drive family SUV.

The interior of the car is set to be a techie’s paradise, with three digital large displays. Main driver’s HD display, behind the steering wheel, measures an impressive 12 inches, while the center console also features a widescreen HD panel for key infotainment features such as satellite navigation, videos, cameras and music playback.


A third, smaller display sits lower down the center console, providing control over settings such as heated seats and air conditioning.

The price of Jaguar I-Pace is yet to be disclosed but an idea is there that it would be around $50,000 ( GBP 40,000, AU$ 66800, PKR 5342000, Ind Rs. 3431000)


i-pace-2 i-pace-4-specs


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