Is the ESA’s Mars Lander “Schiaparelli” shot down by NASA?

(Video by ESA)

Conspiracy theory is emerging that NASA shot down the ESA Mars Lander “Schiaparelli” last week. The European Space Agency lost all contacts with Mars Lander a week ago. So, a conspiracy theorist Scott C Warning says he knows why ESA lost the contact.

He added that NASA has been destroying all rivals space crafts /robots since 1989.


(Photo by BBC)

According to the a blog who mentioned his remarks, he accused NASA of destroying the two Russian probes Phobos in 1989 and Phobos-Grunt Lander in 2011.

He said: “I was going to write a post about five days ago when I heard about the ESA Mars Lander getting close to Mars…but then I just shrugged it off.

“I shouldn’t have because what I was going to say is that NASA destroyed the Phobos Russian Probe back in March 25, 1989 and NASA also destroyed the Russian Mars (Nov 2011) Lander while it was still in Earth orbit…lost communication I might add…over America.


(Photo by BBC)

“NASA did it again, but this time they somehow sabotaged our European neighbors, our allies, our friends.”

Many other rovers by NASA are already there on Mars on exploration mission but Schiaparelli by ESA was specially sent for Alien hunt.

He claims that NASA knows about Alien life on Mars, and a part of Plan to hide it from public. NASA wants to make sure that it should be the first one to announce about Alien Life on Mars.

He added: “Now there is no way NASA will permit any other country to get the first dibs on discovering life on Mars!

“No way, no how. How many other Mars exploration missions has NASA destroyed sent by other countries. This is a Crime Against Humanity, and should be heard by the United Nations.”


(Photo by ESA)

The ESA was unable to receive any signal from Schiaparelli sine it was expected to land on Mars. NASA also released images from its Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter space shuttle. These images clearly show the landing site and the crash site on Mars.

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