Imran Khan and I went apart because we were.. : Reham Khan once again


Over a year after her separation with the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf boss Imran Khan, broad castor Reham Khan at the end of the day opened up about her separation on national TV.

“Mr. Imran Khan Niazi and I went apart because we were on separate ways,” Express News cited the former cricketer and politician’s previous spouse as saying. “I couldn’t stroll on his way.” Reham gives everything away on separation with Imran Khan.


Alluding to Imran’s late concentrate on the Panamagate case, Reham said, “Panama Leaks isn’t the main issue that the nation is confronting… people in Peshawar don’t have clean water to drink.” Peshawar is the capital of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) province where Imran Khan’s party PTI is ruling. She included that the young people of Peshawar were being instructed to ridicule the law under Imran’s authority.

Since declaring their split on October 30 a year ago, Imran and Reham have been compelled to make a few elucidations the same number of reports in regards to their separation has circled in the media. Everything from harming endeavors to abusive behavior at home (Imran being the victim), family fights, and even the out of line treatment of Imran’s dogs, has been reported for as such.


Reham utilized me ‘like bathroom tissue to tidy up her picture’: her ex-husband said.

Since the beginning of their marriage, Reham had stood out as truly newsworthy for all the wrong reasons. Not long after the couple wedded, Reham’s ex, NHS specialist Ijaz Rehman firmly rejected the claims of abusing her. She found herself under fire by traditionalists in Pakistan who saw Imran’s bride as far too Westernized.



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