Hippie, mod, conservative and crazy: 1960s Fashion


The late 1960s were exactly opposite. Splendid, whirling hues. Hallucinogenic, creatively colored shirts and long hair and whiskers were typical. Ladies wore unfathomably short skirts and men wore tunics and capes. The attack into dream would not have been accepted by individuals only 10 years prior. It’s practically similar to the 1950s contained everybody so much that the late 1960s detonated like an old weight cooker. Ladies were demonstrating more skin than any other time in recent memory.

Without precedent for the nineteenth Century, London, not Paris, was the focal point of the mold world. The British Invasion didn’t stop with The Beatles. It cleared into all parts of life, particularly garments.

Regardless, lost in the two extremes is the mid-60s, which I think really had the coolest style, though more unpretentious. I adore the long, slim shapes, the splendid hues and the youthful, London look. I have dependably wished the Mod style stuck around somewhat more.






A group of debutantes outside the Dorchester Hotel, London, where they are training to take part in the launch of a new petrol brand from European Petroleum, 31st May 1966. (Photo by Chris Ware/Keystone/Hulton Archive/Getty Images)



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