Highly Paid Jobs in UK without higher Degree you can apply

The United Kingdom provides an excellent education through its world’s best universities, colleges, and schools. Graduates from these universities and Schools get highly-paid jobs in the market. But still, there are some fields in which you can get highly paid jobs without having higher education but your experience counts. Some of them we are presenting here for you;

Marketing or Sales Manager:

In the event that you have past strong experience in retail and deals, you could turn into a Marketing or Sales Manager without the need for the higher degree. A Sales Manager will lead a group of salesmen and there are numerous enterprises in which you can work, from telesales to the music business. In spite of the fact that the beginning compensation for a Manager will start at around GBP 22,000. There is practically interminable potential for advancement and advancement.

Parts of this sort can net you up to GBP 110,000 a year as you have the abilities. These positions likewise all the time gain special rewards and commission on top of the fundamental pay which builds salary impressively. To end up a business director, you should begin as a salesman and accomplish a great record of target accomplishment. The main instructive capabilities essential are fundamental secondary school education. The capability is more critical, with like capacity, an active nature and influence being vital. When you have shown your aptitudes, the sky is the point of confinement.

Police Officer:

Working for the police is an exceptionally alluring employment. In addition to the fact that it is all around regarded, it is additionally generously compensated and requires next to no in the method for capabilities. A police constable can earn up to GBP 55,000 with a beginning pay at entry level coming in at GBP 22,000. There are open doors for work area occupations and also patrolling the beat, making this an appropriate employment for a wide range of applicants. The main essential capabilities are great correspondence and education aptitudes, as a large portion of the preparation is done at work. Candidates must be matured more than 18 and must be physically fit for the job.


In the event that you have an awesome thought for a business, this could be your chance to make boundless totals. Setting up an organization is vital to profiting, and there are numerous organizations and bodies now set up to help people to start their own venture. There are definitely no capabilities required for this occupation, and numerous fruitful business visionaries have no degree and no secondary school confirmations. The most imperative is a decent business thought, in spite of the fact that a capability in business studies might be of help.

Air Traffic Controller:

Air Traffic controllers can acquire up to an astonishing GBP 94,000 every year, with freshly qualified controllers bringing home around GBP 53,000. In charge of guaranteeing that planes going through the UK’s skies land and take off securely, and in addition to reacting to any crisis circumstances, this is a greatly capable and distressing employment thus the high compensation. Keeping in mind the end goal to wind up an Air Traffic Controller, you should go to an approved institution to pick up the essential air controller permit. This should be possible by applying for sponsorship and once this has been accomplished, you will get a pay of GBP 12,000 while training. Once the course has been finished, you will then total further at work preparing amid which time, pay rates will increment to around GBP 27,000 – 30,000. Taking after fruitful fulfillment of this preparation period, you will be a completely fledged Air Traffic Controller and will be qualified in time for advancement to a more senior and higher paying part.

Training Manager:

Turning into a Training director is not as troublesome as it sounds, and can order a compensation of around GBP 58,000 every year. Training offers help individuals to enhance their work by running instructional courses. One of the key abilities vital for this occupation is to recognize the attitudes that representatives need and how they can perform better on their part. An ideal approach to get into this profession is to begin as a Training Assistant, where you will get a decent establishing in the business. Associates can win around GBP 22,000 every year except will gain around GBP 33,000 once advancement is acquired to wind up a Training Officer. From that point, it just makes one further stride up the stepping stool to wind up a Training Manager. Working your way up the base should be possible by increasing further experience, yet in the event that you need to advance all the more quickly, you could take more expert capability.

 Train Driver:

Numerous kids have longed for driving a Train as their fantasy job, so it is intriguing to realize this is one of the most elevated paying occupations that don’t require a high-grade degree. As a student, you can earn at least GBP 19,000 yet once you are qualified you will consequently get GBP 33,000 with increments once you have increased further experience. To sweeten the deal even further, you will likewise get minimal effort or even free rail travel! To become a Train driver, you just need a secondary school certificate in science. You can discover opportunities available on the web and will be welcome to go to testing focuses to check whether you have the fitness to become a Train Driver. One approach to land this position all the more rapidly is to discover work inside the rail division in an alternate part, for example, maintenance, as often as possible; drivers are enrolled from inside the workforce.

Customer Service Management:

The fundamental capability to become a Client Service Manager is to be well disposed, cordial and great with individuals. A Client Service Manager can acquire up to GBP 46, 000 every year by helping clients to feel esteemed and by driving a group of client administration specialists. The way to acquiring this occupation is to begin as a Customer Service Assistant and after that working up the step. There are a lot of chances in this field, with compensations beginning at GBP 20, 000 and advancing with further advancements.

 Fire Fighting:

First level firefighters earn around GBP 24, 000 every year and this goes up to GBP 45, 000 with experience and advancements to station supervisor. Candidates for firefighting occupations must be no less than 18, despite the fact that the individuals who are under this age can join a youthful Firefighters Scheme in their general vicinity which is a decent foot in the entryway. The fundamental capabilities are 5 grade GCSEs including English and Mathematics at C or above, however, a decent level of wellness is likewise important. The majority of the training is done at work.

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4 thoughts on “Highly Paid Jobs in UK without higher Degree you can apply

  1. Sir,

    With due respect I beg to say that, I am searching for jobs in multinational firm to enhance my skill and get B1 or B2 licenses.

    I have 8 years experience in Aircraft Firm. I was working for Pakistan Air force on contract basis on C-130 Aircraft project. My contract is terminated on 30th of June 2015.

    In eight years service I played multi role which are given below:

    1. Overhauling of C-130 Aircraft Propeller assembly and its associated components.

    2. Overhauling of C-130 Quick Engine Change Power plant and its associated components.

    3. Technical Store management and its sub elements:

    A. Common Tools management.

    B. Special Tools management.

    C. Inventory management.

    D. Handling of Technical Data and Technical Orders, Service Bulletins and Data entry.

    E. Consumption Sheets and cost Managements.

    F. Supply chain management and warehouse keeping relevant to C-130 Propeller and QEC spares.

    G. Quality Management as per Stand operating procedures.

    I proudly say that I was the only technician who could perform multi-tasking either technical or clerical. More detail is available in my CV.

    I hope you will pay your especial consideration on my CV and resumes.



    Adnan Javed

    Mechanical Technician.

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