Future of returned Samsung Galaxy Note 7: A question

@ by Green Piece

Undoubtedly, Galaxy Note 7 has given a shock of billions to the company. Samsung spent billions of dollars to replace and get back Galaxy Note 7. It’s the biggest failure in the history of Mobile Phones. There were 115 incidents recorded of battery explosion in the first launching month of Galaxy Note 7. So, Samsung not only called back all the devices but stopped the production as well.


Now, as the Samsung calling back all devices, a question rises for environmental effects if Samsung disposes of these devices inappropriately. Environmental Protection Organizations are worried that what Samsung would do with these mobile phones? How would Samsung dispose of these devices?

Green Peace demanded that Samsung should recycle the phones and reuse precious metals. There are 4, 300,000 devices of Note 7 produced by Samsung. A 100 Kg of Gold, 1000 Kg Silver and much more other precious metals can be taken out of these mobile phones. Green Piece also said that battery separation process can be very dangerous.



Environmental protection organizations insist that other mobile manufacturers should learn from this incident and try to produce recyclable mobile phones.



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