Future is here: Brain Controlled Tesla Model S

A group of California-based technologists, Casey Spencer, Lorenzo Caoile, Vivek Vinodh and Ebenezer Mamo, accomplished this task successfully. Their group utilized 2015 Tesla Model S 85D for the hack, and their venture put third at the Cal Hacks occasion for college understudies this month.

The Tesla Model S had just gone a couple of feet, moving for the most part straight from one spot in the parking structure to another. The driver wasn’t really in the driver’s seat, however. He sat in the traveler’s seat, wearing an EEG headset that permitted him to control the vehicle with his mind.

According to them, they had only 36 hours to complete the task of hacking Tesla and control it with the brain. They used a headset that translates the brain signals for “go” and “stop” into analog signals which then broadcasted by using an RC-Radio, verbalized actuators on the pedals and motor on the controlling wheel. A machine learning program transformed the cerebrum action into particular orders. For “go,” Spencer pondered tapping his right foot, and for “stop,” he thought to grasp his left hand. The simple flag for “go” caused a linear actuator joined to the brake pedal to retreat, and the actuator on the gas pedal to lock in and for “stop” it was opposite.

Steering was marginally clunkier, and not mind controlled. They used a windshield wiper motor fitted with a potentiometer on the directing wheel. A head-mounted gyro for the driver gave some directing so when the Spencer (sitting in the car) turned his head right or left, the controlling wheel reacted.

In emergency situations, the code incorporated a crisis brake if there should be an occurrence of the failure, the user needed to hold a dead man’s switch so as to communicate a flag, and a piece wedged behind the gas pedal to keep the Tesla from going too quick. Furthermore, in worst case scenario, the passenger could kick the actuators away from the pedals.


In all actuality, once it went, the Tesla wasn’t exactly between the lines and presumably would have dinged the neighboring car if Spencer (controller of Tesla) didn’t think had enough about stopping it. However, those couple of feet speaks to a mind blowing surge into the future.

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