EZ10 Buss: A new trend in driver less transportation in Dubai


The EZ10 is a battery-controlled self-sufficient electric transport outlined and created by Ligier. It is four meters in length and two meters wide. The vehicle seats up to 10 individuals and user friendly lodge. It gives solace, comfort and cooling for individuals going from Mohammed bin Rashid Boulevard/Financial Center Street crossing point to Vida Hotel in Downtown Dubai. Additionally, the EZ10 is likewise extraordinary necessities cordial, as it accompanies a versatile slope permitting access to wheelchair-bound travelers.

With no rail required, the electronically-helped EZ10 does not require a rail to run. It takes after a course. This course can be adjusted or reset or re-steered as required by powers. It takes a hour and a half for the EZ10 to retain a course and no human intercession is required by any stretch of the imagination. With respect to its specs, the EZ10 is controlled by a 15Kv battery that permits it to get a top pace of 40 km/h, however it is wanted to journey around at 25 km/h. With the air con on, the EZ10 goes on for around 4 hours before it needs energizing, however it can last up to 10 hours without the air con.

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