Digital Camo Technology: Implemented by China

On 3 September 2015, China commended the 70th commemoration of the end of World War II with a genuinely staggering presentation of its military may, parading hundreds defensively covered battling vehicles and somewhere in the range of 12,000 troops from the typically hidden People’s Liberation Army through Tiananmen Square in Beijing. A number of these vehicles had never showed up in broad daylight and an eminent subject ā€” one that to numerous eyes came as a major shock ā€” was the Army’s utilization of emotional “computerized” disguise designs. The Chinese event included sections of military vehicles secured in pixelated squares, some in shades of green and khaki, others in freakish plans of blue, white and dark.

(Photo by Kevin Frayer/Getty Images)
(Photo by Kevin Frayer/Getty Images)
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