Apple increased prices by 20% in UK


Apple announced new prices for their products in UK. All products got a price hike as the pound (GBP) has fallen about 18% against the US dollar.

Apple products got a price hike of more than 20% as compared to the previous and not only new products but the older Apple Mac computers also got effected. So, from today, buyers have to pay 20% more on shopping of Apple products.


According to BBC, Patrick O’ Brien, an analyst said that Apple has to reset the prices due to a major variation in currencies and because the Britain is out of European Union, prices are out of sync with the dollar. Price hike doesn’t look good for the buyers but we can’t blame Apple for this.

Apple launched the new models of MacBooks last day and announced the new prices as under;

Model Old Price New Price
Apple MacBook Air 13”   £ 849   £ 949
Apple Mac Pro Desktop   £ 2499   £ 2499
Apple MacBook 12”   £ 1049   £ 1249





Since the referendum is done in June for Brexit, the value of pound is fallen. There is a huge pressure on UK’s economy and people are effected.

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