Alien Life in universe is a reality. Will they attack us?


What you think do Aliens really exists ?

Does the idea of another world beyond ours excites you? Do you believe that other forms of life are yet to be recognized?

We are always in search of the answers to the questions like, Aliens are real? Other planets have the life forms? Will the Aliens attack us?

The British physicist and an authority on the modern quantum physics Professor Dr. Stephan Hawking, Alien exists and he warned us not to search for them because they may attack our world. They may not be friendly cosmic neighbors.

The oxford dictionary refers that word “ Alien ” means a being from out of our world. This can be the simplest definition of extraterrestrial life.

There are a few hypotheses proliferating, about the beginning of life in different planets or cosmic systems. One prevalent thinking is that life on various planets began at those individual spots. There is another theory that invalidates the previous by saying that all life began in one place and after that spread to other habitable planets. These theories offer answers for inquiries like, do Aliens exist on different planets, or do Aliens possess the moon. Mars, Venus. The planets in our galaxy are all considered livable for extraterrestrial life by enthusiastic xenobiologists.

The superficial appearance of Aliens is a much discussed as vivid as green monsters, beings that have the ability to change appearance. But if common sense prevails, it could be said that the physical form of an alien will be as diverse as life forms on earth. So, they could be mirror images of microscopic entities like viruses or dinosaurs.

scientifically, there have been a few tests with a specific end goal to reveal insight into this complex probability. One of the premier research extends around there has been the Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence. This is the name for various activities that different individuals have attempted with a specific end goal to scan for Alien life. They use radio dishes, to get logical proof, like electromagnetic waves, keeping in mind the end goal to hunt down life on different planets. For many years, these tests were funded by the U.S. government but now its been taken over by private sources.

 Scientist, Frank Drake, the founder of SETI project, has devoted his life to prove the presence of aliens. He is famous for the Drake/ Green Bank equation. This equation can help to determine the number of intelligent civilizations that exist in our galaxy. It uses a number of factors to determine results like the rate of formation of stars, the average number of habitable planets, etc. The Drake equation was an attempt to quantify factors that were irresolute.

There have been a lot of projects to establish the existence of Aliens. There are many space mission to the Mars and moon as there are evidence of Methane presence on Mars and reports of water on moon.

There are so many stories of Alien abductees who told the stories of their abduction and tests done by Aliens on them, in a study by Harvard (2003). Many people also claimed that they saw real Aliens.

A lot of movies are made by the Hollywood on this interesting topic and Aliens have long enjoyed a very popular status in our culture.

Well… on the other side, there is a strong community who rejects the existence of extraterrestrial life in universe. They believe that Alien are not real and this is just a fiction. Many scientists are also against this theory of Aliens. A famous Fermi Paradox says “ there is an apparent contradiction between high estimates of the probability of the existence of extraterrestrial civilizations and the lack of evidence for, or contact with, such civilizations “. It simply says that if there is another intelligent life exists then why we have not seen any evidence of them?

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, famously said, “Everything is simpler than you think and at the same time more complex than you imagine.”









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