A Revolution in design: Future Bus by Mercedes

The Mercedes-Benz Future Bus deliberately breaks with traditions, standard outline and spatial ideas for city transports. The front area awes with its reasonable design. The interior and exterior, a remarkable advantageous interaction of design and capacity. The illumination of the lines left and right in white and blue indicate the driving status of the bus.

The standard entryways confronting the cockpit and behind the back pivot are overlooked. The backside additionally has another outline and back lights are in likewise new. Travelers enter and leave the transport through two double fold width entryways between the axles. The corner columns are shaped like an edge, demonstrating soundness. The strips between the lights show the driving mode: it illuminates in blue amid semi-automatic driving, and in white amid manual operation.

The inside of the Mercedes-Benz Future Bus opens up totally new points of view on the urban transport of tomorrow. A light strip makes the introduction in the interior less demanding. The floor covering is in scratched white/light blue with shining supplements. This changes shading between white and blue contingent upon the status of driving. The plan expression consolidates exemplary seat forms. The traveler seats are orchestrated along the dividers in uneven gatherings. The seats are sparkling white shells with a cushioned surface and a light-green backrest.

Apart from its appearance and choice of materials, the Mercedes-Benz Future Bus also breaks new ground with respect to information technology and the associated connectivity. In the bust, two 43-inch monitors will be used to provide information about routes and destination. These are embedded in an overhead console in the central zone of the passenger compartment.

Mercedes-Benz Future Bus with CityPilot; semi-automated city bus with traffic light recognition; recognition of obstacles and pedestrians; automated bus stop approaches basic vehicle: Mercedes-Benz Citaro; OM 936 rated at 220 kW/299 hp; displacement 7.7 l; length/width/height: 12135/2550/3120 mm

[source: Mercedes]
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