A little taste of Samsung Note 7 on Galaxy S7 edge


It was a tragedy but the Galaxy Note 7 is away for good. However, you’re getting a little treat on the off chance that you are moved from the Note 7 to another Samsung telephone. Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge owners report that they’re getting an upgrade which brings a significant number of the Note’s always-on display feature to the marginally more established gadgets, for example, its customization. It’s not a wholesale port of the ceased telephone’s software and a few users are reporting broken features at first like notices from Samsung’s own particular email application may not work, .


Still, the planning is helpful and looks good regardless of whether you went to the S7 from its bigger, dead partner. You won’t need to hold up ages to see some of what you were missing. Not that Samsung has much decision but rather to court S7 users nowadays. While there’s no assurance that the organization will relocate all that it can from the Note 7’s software, it has more motivating force to make the S7 arrangement as convincing as could be allowed – it’s conceivable the organization’s exclusive top of the line alternative for the following a while.



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