” Clown Craze ” in UK: A rising story

By: Mirror, UK

A chilling picture of a man dressed as a Clown while holding a CHAINSAW has risen, gone up against the London Brunel University grounds.

The disturbing picture, taken in Uxbridge, west London, sees the dreadful figure holding what has all the earmarks of being a cutting tool, Get West London reports. It comes as the supposed “Killer Clown Craze” that cleared the United States hits the UK.

In an announcement, Security Operations Manager Terry Vass said: “Somebody dressed as a clown and carrying what had all the earmarks of being a cutting tool was seen on the grounds on Saturday night.

“Although we can’t confirm whether the chainsaw was real or not, we take such incidents and our students’ safety extremely seriously.

‘killer clown’ with a blade discovered on chilling CCTV footage attempting to enter family home

“Brunel’s campus is watched by security groups 24 hours a day and is observed by more than 400 CCTV cameras, which we are currently analyzing.

“We will keep on working with police to recognize the responsible individual.”

The Metropolitan Police said they have not got any reports of incidents involving clowns in London up ’til now, however encourage people to approach if there are any episode.

There have been various reported clowns sightings over the UK, with individuals taking on the appearance and frightening individuals.

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